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Horse Travel 101: What to Wear?

The Centauride’s YouTube channel has been revived! Starting with today’s new video, I will be posting new content regularly.  Want a video about something specific? Comment or contact me and I’ll do my best!

I’ve decided to begin the relaunch with a series I’m calling “Horse Travel 101,” discussing specific things about my ride that are unusual or curious about horse travel (versus other kinds of horseback riding activities).  My first topic is “What to Wear,” wherein I talk about everything I have on - all of which was chosen for safety, comfort, and durability.

Watch the video here - Horse Travel 101: What to Wear When You’re Riding Across The Country
The following is a list of all the products discussed in the video (and a few I missed).  Links with * are affiliate links or otherwise support my journey.  I only use products that withstand a lot of hard use and are otherwise of good quality.

Helmet: Tipperary Sportage low profile western riding helmet. *
Helmet visor: Salamander black visor. *
Helmet mirror: Tiger Eye Carbon Fiber Mirror *
Helmet identification: Equestrisafe Rescue Facts Identification for Humans

Safety vest: Radians SV55-2ZGD *
GPS tracking device: SPOT Satellite Messenger *
My favorite snack bars: GoMacro variety pack *
Multi-purpose tool: Leatherman Rebar Multitool *
Waterproof journal (not mentioned in video): Rite in the Rain all-weather spiral notebook *
Waterproof business card holder (not mentioned): Wiltz *

Centauride t-shirts and other goodies (please note when ordering women’s shirts, they run a size small): *
Sports bra: Brooks Moving Comfort Uplift Crossback Medium Impact Sports Bra *
Pants: Stickyseat
Half-chaps: Ovation Ladies Suede Ribbed Half Chaps *
Boots: Ariat Terrain H20. *
Socks (not mentioned): Smartwool PhD Outdoor Medium Crew *
Gloves: Heritage Performance Gloves *

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