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Check back often for the latest updates and stories from Meredith and Apollo as they journey 10,000 miles on a four year ride around the USA.

Horse Travel 101: What a road horse wears (and how to use it!)

Most horses only wear three basic things for riding: a saddle, a saddle pad/blanket, and a bridle.  Of course, the choices for each (and related accessories such as a breastcollar) are nearly limitless - and that’s not to say that their humans limit themselves to buying just these three things!

A road horse, however, requires more.  In addition to these three basic components, Apollo wears boots, bells, a fly sheet or quarter sheet (depending on the season), and several saddle bags to hold our travel supplies.

Check out my video about his gear ( Horse Travel 101: What Apollo Wears ) for a full explanation of each piece of tack and gear!

And also check out this video that shows it all getting put on - “Horse Travel 101: The Road Horse’s Guide to Saddling”

Here is a complete list of the tack and other gear that Apollo wears.  This list does not include anything that is IN the bags.  You’ll have to wait for a later post for those details!  Please note that many of these are Amazon affiliate links.

On Apollo’s head
Bridle: Zilco Deluxe Endurance halter-bridle headstall
Reins: Zilco Woven Endurance Reins
Noseband: Art by Destiny
Safety Information: Rescue Facts Identification for Animals
Halter: black rope halter
Lead rope: with quick release snap
Fly bonnet (not shown in video): Crochet fly bonnet with tassels

On Apollo’s back:
Saddle pad:
Cinch: Alpaca-mohair roper cinch
Shoo-fly:  Horse hair tassel with ring
Fly sheet: Cashel Quiet Ride Bug Armor
Saddle bags: Trailmax Large Overnighter Saddlebags
Hanging bags: Sea to Summit Large Drysacks
Water bottle: Kleen Kanteen stainless steel

On Apollo’s legs and hooves:
Boots: Cavallo ELB
Boot liners: Cavallo pastern wraps
Bells: Ghungroo leather ankle bells


  1. Do you know when you will be traveling through the Saratoga charlton schenectady area? Would love you catch a picture of you and your beautiful horse in you travels....what an AMAZING thing your doing❤�� THANK YOU SANDY

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