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Why I Ride Alone

Since I've now been asked this question at least twice, I guess it qualifies as an "FAQ":

Why am I going to be riding alone, without a rig?

If you also have been wondering this, read on!

Let's Be Practical, Folks

The first and foremost reason for the Centauride being a solo ride is practical:  I don't know anyone loony tunes enough to devote 4 years of their life to this.  And I wouldn't dream of asking anyone even if I thought they were the type.  My goals and dreams are unusual, and I would be shocked if anyone would be willing and able to leave their daily comforts and loved ones behind for so long.

That said, I do welcome day trippers and weekend warriors to ride with me at any time.

Solo Travel is Fun

When I have travelled in the past, with the exception of family vacations, it has been alone.  I've been to six countries and quite a bit of America, and it is always more fun by myself. 

As a solo traveler, I have the luxury to decide what is right for me (and on the ride, for my horse) without having the complications of coordinating with a companion.  I can go at my own speed, make decisions quickly (and always agree with myself!), rest when I need to, etc. Plus I meet more people when I don't rely on my travel companion for, well, companionship.

But What About Safety?

Travel is not safe.  Of course, neither is driving a car, eating dessert, or any number of other things that can be dangerous to your short or long term health but which we all do every day.  Horse travel is less safe than many other methods of travel.  Being a woman and traveling alone has its risks, but not really more than being a woman anywhere has its risks. 

Being a woman traveling alone by horse? Yes, it will likely be dangerous sometimes.  But it would be that way also if I was a man, or if I rode with a group, or had the luxury of a rig to meet up with at the end of the day.

That is not to say that I take my safety (or Apollo's) lightly.  No indeed.  I will be near towns and thus help throughout the route.  Even you, if you follow me here or on twitter or facebook, will know where I am, in case of emergency.  And thanks to Equestrisafe, I will be even more safe on the roads. 

As Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."  And I dare to ride alone.

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