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Love Every Moment

Sometimes, I feel like my heart could just burst from the joy inside. 
Do you ever feel that way?

Not because something remarkably good has happened, but for the small things.  The sky being the perfect blue with lovely fluffy clouds.  The breeze being just the right temperature.  A bright flower and a butterfly to match.  My horse running across the pasture to greet me.  A great song on the radio and an open road to drive while I sing at the top of my lungs.  A text or an email from someone, just as I was thinking of them.  A robin singing goodnight as the stars come out one by one.

Sometimes I forget to pay attention.  Yesterday I was checking my phone while walking, trying to maximize my break time at work by getting my own things done.  And then a monarch almost ran into my face.  It would not be accurate to say we almost ran into each other, because it was definitely going faster than me.  Word choice aside, it was an almost-not-gentle reminder to enjoy the gorgeous afternoon I was able to participate in for a few minutes, away from ringing phone lines and endless paperwork. 

Turn off the tv, put down the newspaper, get off your computer and phone (or pick it up, if it 's to call someone you love).  Experience the world!  It has so much love to give to you. Even on the worst of days.  You just have to open your eyes and your heart, and find the love in every moment.


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