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Visit the California missions with a new travel guide!

The California missions are beautiful, amazing places to visit, and traveling to them along the coast is simply spectacular.  Now there's two travel guides to see all the missions, with detailed easy to use maps and all the fun sightseeing and best restaurants on the way! Whether you're driving or cycling, adventure awaits.

"Along the King's Road: A Guide to Touring the California Missions" is a unique, comprehensive and easy to use travel guide to the California coast. I began writing it in 2013 when I was planning cycling tour of the California coast to see all the missions, but couldn’t find any good guides to the route.

I rode the 850 mile route in three weeks with my family, after writing the original version for my own use. It was so much fun, full of fascinating history, delicious food, cozy lodging, and lots of fresh air and sunshine, that I wanted to share the adventure with other people. I transformed my personal travel guide into a comprehensive book for other touring cyclists to use, which was published last year as "Along the King's Road: A Guide to Touring the California Missions by Bicycle."

Since then, I've been working on writing the second part of the series as a driver's edition for the route. It contains the best features and even more suggestions for dining, lodging, camping, and sightseeing as the cycling edition, but reformatted and revamped to include information relevant to driving tourists. It is written both to be used as a set with the cycling edition for support drivers of cycling tourists, and also for those who want to do the touring without the cycling.

To ensure accuracy and quality, I will be driving the route myself in November to check that my directions are clear and easy to follow, and that the many businesses I recommend are still up to par. I will at the same time be reviewing the information in the cycling edition to make sure it is still correct.

You can buy an advance copy (will ship in time for Christmas), learn more about it, and support my work to finish writing the most useful and accurate travel guide to the California coast  

UPDATE: The Kickstarter campaign has ended, the books are completed, and you can order yours HERE

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