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Thug Week - Day 5

Thug Kitchen Sammie on Dave's Killer Bread.  With a black lager.  Dinner is served.


Well, I guess I should say more than that, although that does perfectly sum it up...

I am not much of a sandwich eater.  I actually had to go out and buy a loaf of bread (I love to bake, but never bother with sandwich bread, since I don't eat it).  Naturally, since it's Thug Week, I had to buy Dave's Killer Bread.  The perfect name aside, its also vegan... and in case you haven't noticed yet, so is the Thug Kitchen cookbook. 

I'm not, but this week I am trying very very hard to stick to it. Apart from all meals all week being from this cookbook, I am also only eating natural and vegan snacks like oranges or spiced pumpkin seeds.  Yesterday I turned down a strawberry cheesecake cookie at work... I surprised even myself.

So back to this amazing sandwich.  I would tell you the title of the recipe, but it doesn't even begin to describe the sandwich, so I won't. I would tell you what's in it, but the list is rather long and the flavor combinations are kind of strange on paper, so it won't help you to understand either.

It's just orgasmic.  Period. 

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