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Thug Week - Day 6

With only one person eating all this food, the fridge is starting to get really full of leftovers - even though I'm eating them two meals a day!   I am apparently not thug enough to keep up with the eating required by this project. 

Tonight's adventure in the kitchen is a therefore a bit of a departure from the previous 5 days.  It's time to polish off a few leftovers (not exciting blogging material) and make a delish Friday night dessert to celebrate the end of another work week!

Tonight's Thug Kitchen cookbook recipe was also selected based on what my sorry fridge still had in it for ingredients, as I haven't made it to the store for a while.  No problem, because I had all I needed to make Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The cookie dough batter was so yummy I almost just settled on the couch with a bowl and spoon.  But I found some self restraint and managed to get some of the dough in the oven (a spoonful on the cookie sheet, a spoonful in my mouth, repeat).

When I pulled the first batch from the oven, though, I stopped eating the dough.  As good as it was raw, the baked cookies were pure sweet heaven. 

If my roommates are lucky, there will still be some cookies here when they get home... but I wouldn't count on it.

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