One woman. One horse. 48 states for Domestic Violence Awareness

Check back often for the latest updates and stories from Meredith and Apollo as they journey 10,000 miles on a four year ride around the USA.

About the Centauride


Hi, I'm Meredith, the woman behind the Centauride: Riding for Domestic Violence Awareness.  Thanks for visiting my page!  If you are interested in what Apollo and I are doing, you'll definitely want to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter (just fill out the quick form on the right).

But what exactly are we doing, you're no doubt wondering?   Nothing short of epic.  I am traveling alone with my horse Apollo for four years, 10,000 miles, to 48 states. 

And why would anyone be crazy enough to do that? Well, apart from the complete awesomeness of the adventure, it is to raise awareness about domestic violence.  This "silent epidemic" is extremely prevalent in our society.  Although it is not often talked about, it is estimated that 1 in 3 women will be domestic violence victims at some point in their lives (usually beginning between the ages of 19 and 34, and sometimes lasting a lifetime). 

I am riding to domestic violence centers, women’s shelters, schools and community centers to bring awareness about the realities of this issue and to provide hope to women dealing with the effects of DV in their own lives.

We began our journey on January 1, 2017 and hope to complete the ride in late 2020.  Click here to see the planned route and schedule! 

Want to learn more about the ride details?  Click here to visit the FAQ page

Find out how you can help this ride succeed on the Support page.

A little about us.

I've been riding horses for over 20 years, and have a B.S. in Equine Science from Colorado State University.  Apollo is the first horse I've owned.  I was raised as a city girl, moved to the country as soon as I could, and love dirt roads, seeing the stars at night, deer in the yard but not in the garden, and bugs (most of them, anyway). I also like to write about food, gardening, essential oils, and the California missions (I've written two travel guides for these)

I escaped an abusive relationship in 2013, and what I had missed most during my marriage was horses and travel.  Thus came about the wonderful, crazy idea to buy a horse and ride it around the country.  And since I feel so grateful for this opportunity, and so saddened at the thought that anyone else is going through what I did, I felt it was right to use the ride to help everyone I could meet along the way.

I met Apollo in 2014, and it was love at first sight.  He is a spunky Peruvian Paso-Mustang palomino gelding who loves people.  He enjoys seeing new places, meeting new friends of all species, and is a wonderful travel partner.

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  1. Hi Meredith! I am so excited to hear about your upcoming ride! It's a great cause; one that deserves much more attention than it's gotten to date. I'm sorry you had to suffer through something so vile. I did, too, twice, and I'm forever grateful for strong women who are willing and able to fight this dark and insidious battle to raise awareness. Thank you!

    I live near Albany, NY and would be thrilled and honored to ride alongside you for a few days, more or less, depending on your desires. I wish I could host you and Apollo, but I'm actually two hours off your route.

    Godspeed and Safe Travels!

    Robynne Catheron
    Oxford, NY

    1. Hi Robynne, thanks for writing and for sharing your story! You are definitely welcome to ride with me at any time :)

  2. You have planned an ambitious, remarkable ride for a cause that is so very important. You are indeed a brave young woman to undertake such a concentrated ride with your beautiful horse. I don't doubt you have conditioned Apollo for all the rigors of the ride and you are both chomping on the bit to be off. Best wishes accompany you both and immense luck and blessings for your adventurous ride! Heidi

    1. Thank you Heidi! We're definitely both chomping on the bit at this point, but only a few more months of important training to go. Better to be fully prepared than overeager! With four years of riding to accomplish, a few more months wait is a drop in the bucket.

  3. Hi Meredith from New York! I'll bet you're beyond excited at this point! Just wanted to check in and see if you have any ideas what you might need when you get near us. Are you collecting phone numbers and other contact info? Please let me know if I can send you mine, I'm so looking forward to meeting and riding with you for a bit! I have just about whatever you'll need- hay, oats, first aid, barefoot hoof trimmer, equine dentist, hot meal, etc, so please don't hesitate to holler when you're nearing central New York state.
    Safe travels and Godspeed!

    Robynne Catheron
    Oxford, NY

  4. Hahaha... I kinda got ahead of the game,didn't I? You won't be this far for two years...
    In any case, I'm retired with time on my hands, so if you find yourself in a situation and needing assistance with anything, I'm happy to make calls or arrange for help around the country, if need be. ☺️

    1. Hi Robynne! Apologies for the slow reply, for some reason Blogger did not alert me to your messages until just now. Thank you for your offer! I am indeed collecting names and contact info for people around the country who are willing to help. Please email me so we can chat more!

  5. Dear Mary: You are quite a gal. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you while doing our Zumba time together. I am totally impressed with you and the awesome reason you are taking this journey with your pal Apollo (he is very handsome). Please travel safely and know you have fans in Penn Valley that will be keeping you in daily thoughts and prayers. Have a spectacular time. Warm hugs,karen

  6. very commendable! Best wishes for a safe journey and one that is sure to make an impact. Bravo!

  7. Just found your page as my vet passed you on the road today and shared a link on his Facebook page, Treasure Valley Equine Veterinary. Love your cause and all the pictures, will definitely be following along!

  8. Dear Meredith,
    I saw you today crossing U.S.41, going east on 157th in Cedar Lake,IN.!!!!! I was taking one of our barn cats to the Vet in Lowell. I wasn't able to stop safely anywhere, but all I could think was- "what's their story?". I was able to see the "48 States" on your saddle pad as I passed you. On my way back from the vet visit I looked everywhere for you but never caught sight of you again. I just knew you were on a special mission and I wanted to tell you "Happy Trails" and "God's speed". When I got home I googled "48 state horse ride" and
    found your amazing and inspiring story!! I wish I had known of your journey sooner, we would have loved to put you up at our farm or help you in any way we could. I will share your story with everyone I know and support your cause any way I can!! As soon as I finish this I am going to subscribe to your mailing list. In the meantime, I wish you and Apollo safe and happy trails!!!

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