One woman. One horse. 48 states for Domestic Violence Awareness

Check back often for the latest updates and stories from Meredith and Apollo as they journey 10,000 miles on a four year ride around the USA.


The Centauride welcomes your comments and calls.  However, as Meredith's support team consists only of herself and a horse, please note that it may be several days before she is able to get back to you.

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  1. So glad you and Apollo are safe...the pix are gorgeous, as is your commentary. you'll write a great book someday, and maybe have a movie, ala Cheryl's a book suggestion...Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon..
    Blessings and Oats to you both, from Louise in Mendocino, Ca. we did meet very briefly...

  2. Is there any way to let us know your route and where you need hosted? Thanks

  3. Yes! I thought I had seen it somewhere but I’d like to find it again and save it.

  4. I have been wondering about you and got all caught up with your posts. I see you have hung up the saddle for winter and got Apollo all situated for his time out. I hope you have a delightful Thanksgiving as well as the other holiday festivities after that. If you are available come join your old gang for a workout. Huggers, karen

  5. I would love to host you and Apollo as you get closer to southern MA (Attleboro) and Providence, RI. We live in Rehoboth, MA but only 6 miles from RI. I have an extra stall and pasture, but not direct turnout. Stall (12 x 12) is in one barn and pasture at the other barn. I have a truck and trailer if you need any transportation. I have a spare room in my house for you. I have a couple of choices for grain and hay, extra water bucket and will get you and Apollo anything else you may need. I participated in The Caravan in 2014/2015 from Marietta, CA to Weirs, FLA Nov. 1 2014 to March 16, 2015, but only the last 4 weeks. I so admire what you are doing! I can contact the local horse clubs, newspapers, radio and TV and also have a contact with our local New Hope group in Attleboro. My home phone is (508) 252-5737, my e-mail, I do NOT text. I will be watching your travels and adventures and eagerly await meeting you even if you do not stay here, but somewhere else in the area. The best of weather and luck to you and Apollo!

  6. I also have contacts to get you through RI and eastern CT.


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