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In and Out of Indiana

We’ve finally finished Indiana!

Having stopped and boarded in Hebron, IN for the winter, Apollo spent far more time in Indiana than I did. In May, we got back on the road, first heading up to Michigan for a day, and then south east towards the “Tri-State” area (IN-KY-OH, near Cincinnati).

For the almost six weeks I was in the state this year, we covered a lot of miles, met a lot of nice people, ate a lot of good food, and saw a lot of neat things.  Here’s some of the highlights of this wonderful state.

Our first day back on the road, we started off for several miles of rail trail - the best way to ease back into the year after a long winter break.

Indiana has a lot of small towns, many of which have nice downtown business districts.  This one is Huntington.

I love old barns.  Here is a round barn, which is an unusual style of barn that have mostly disappeared from the American landscape.

Blue skies were not a common sight during my time here.  The days where the weather was good though, were perfect.

I rode through Amish country near Nappanee - and even got to stay with an Amish family! It was a really memorable evening, and one of my favorite of my time in Indiana.

The Amish are known for their excellent food, so it is only natural that the best donuts in Indiana are at Rise’N Roll, which was founded by an Amish family and still uses their family recipes.

Eating is of course a favorite part of my travels.  We stopped at Ivanhoe’s for lunch, and also found part of the Garfield Trail.  Garfield creator Jim Davis is from this area and there are Garfield statues around the region.

Last year I talked about my love of midwestern county courthouses.  Indiana definitely has its share of unique old courthouses, too.  Here is a historic cabin and courthouse in Liberty.

The last part of my Indiana journey brought me to Rising Sun, one of the most charming small towns I’ve seen yet.  I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few days there, exploring and enjoying some more Hoosier hospitality.


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