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A horse’s thoughts on traveling

I recently wrote about my thoughts from the saddle, which got me thinking - what does Apollo think about while we’re traveling?

I don’t like putting words in Apollo’s mouth, but he is rather expressive for a horse... he has no qualms about telling me exactly when he likes or doesn’t like something!  So here’s my interpretation of some of his thoughts on the road.

“Hey, cows! Can we stop and chat?”

“Let’s go over there... now over here... ooo let’s go fast!”

“Why are we stopping? It’s time to work. Silly human, there’s places to go!”

“Yup, yup, yup, yup.” (As he nods along to the rhythm of his walk).

“Hey, a barking dog! It wants to say hi! Can we stop and chat?”

“Hey, another horse!  Hi, horses! I’m awesome, and I have a way better job than you. Sorry, can’t stay and chat, got important things to do.”

“Is that a monster? Oh, nope, just a trash can.  All good.”

“This looks like a nice place to stop.  I found the driveway! Are we stopping here? No? Oh okay.”

“Hey, a person! I bet they’re going to scratch my itchy face.  Can we please stop and let them scratch my face? Please please please? Yay!”

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