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The Centauride 2018 is almost here, and I need your help!

It’s almost here: the start of my 2018 ‘Ride!

The map above shows the finished section of the route in orange, and the remaining planned route in purple.  The purple route should take about two years to finish.  This year, from April until October, I expect to travel from Kansas City area (where Apollo’s been relaxing all winter) to Memphis TN.  Of course, whether we make it that far depends on too many factors to know yet, but that’s the plan in any case.  If the plan works as I think it should, I will then travel through the gulf states and the eastern seaboard next year.

So many of you have asked me (and those that haven’t I am sure are wondering) how you can help Apollo and I out.  Well now’s your chance.  I’m looking for contacts along my route.  If you know anyone (or are one!) - EVEN IF they are not “horse people” - share this! Contact me! The best way is by email or facebook message.

I need places to stop along the way, for a night - or sometimes a few nights.  I stop every 12 miles on average, so that’s a LOT of people that I need to network with!  So if you or your friends live along my route but don’t have a safe fenced area for Apollo, share this anyway because maybe your friends’ friends’ friends do know the right people!

I also need help finding referrals for farriers and barefoot/natural trimmers (yes I know “barefoot” and “natural” are different.  Don’t get yourself in a huff.  I just can’t be particular during the ride on which kind I’m using for Apollo).

And of course, there’s always my GoFundMe page if you want to help out with our travel costs.

Whichever way you choose to help out, you should of course continue to follow along here, as well as sign up for my newsletter (sign up form is on the right side of this page) and on Facebook and Instagram!


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    1. Hi Meredith. Do you remember the cowgirls you stayed with in Eastern Washington? We were having our Cowgirl Week at the Dusty Spur Ranch. You only stayed one night and then we escorted you on your way. I am going to share your request for contacts with a very special group of horse people. They are spread all over the US. Please let me know if you are contacted by any members of the Carson James group. Good luck in your travels, stay safe.

    2. Of course I remember you guys! Not very many people have ridden out with me (and I’m so glad you did also because I would have been really lost otherwise, lol). Thanks for sharing, I’ve heard from one person so far!

  2. Hi Meredith, I just signed up for your email list and I'm going to send your info to a young lady friend who is now in TN. I live in New York's Hudson Valley but will have moved far west by the time you get to NY...but I'll still have contacts there. Safe travels!

  3. Oh, and I'm from the Carson James group. Thanks, CJ!

  4. We could help you out if you're coming anywhere near Columbus, Ohio area. Horse rest and a place for you if you like. Contact me through facebook messenger.
    Dan Chambers

    1. Thanks, I may be in the Columbus area in late summer. I’ll message you!

  5. It doesn't look like you are coming to Maine or we have gladly put you up!! Plenty of room in our barn and house.......

    1. I’ll only be in the very southern tip of Maine, near Kittery probably. Thanks though!


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