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Just A Couple of Vegetarians

Apollo and I share at least one thing in common: we're both vegetarian. 

Don't worry, I'm not about to try to convert you or soliloquize on gross things like kale and radishes... it's safe to keep reading!

I've been vegetarian for over a decade, and it's so normal to me that I often forget to mention it when I'm invited to join my hosts for dinner.  Often this results in a mild panic attack for my host (apologies to everyone this applies to).  Sometimes it results in questions, some of them worth discussing here, others just funny ("what will you do when you get to Texas?!").  And it has caused many a host to scratch their head and say "well, I can make a salad."

So just to clear up a few questions and misconceptions about vegetarians and the challenges of not eating meat while long riding, here's how it works for me.

Yes, I eat salad.

No, I don't ONLY eat salad. I eat basically the same things everyone else eats, but with the meat left out.  I eat pasta, pizza, bread, dairy, eggs, fruit, nuts (including donuts), and occasionally tofu. 

No, tofu is not that bad, nor is it my favorite thing (my favorite thing is donuts - but not the bacon-maple kind).

No, I don't like kale.  Or radish. If you serve this to me, I'll eat it to be polite.  Because unfortunately for me, I can't hide it in a napkin to give to Apollo because he doesn't like them either (I've tried).

Yes, you can eat meat in front of me. I will not puke on you. I will not be offended.  I will not tell you why it's great to be vegetarian (unless you ask).

Yes, I can eat what you planned for dinner... usually.  Unless it's a meaty one pot meal, there's probably more than one dish on the table, at chances are the side dishes are vegetarian.  If you're having steak, I'm totally okay with a meal of baked potato, salad and beer - or whatever it is you're having with the steak.  And if necessary, I can always cook up some of the oatmeal I carry for emergencies.  Also, dessert is nearly always vegetarian (just saying).

Yes, I get enough protein.  Even with my high protein needs from all this exercise.  Most of my diet (when I'm not being invited to share a meal) is protein bars of various kinds.  Also donuts have a few grams of protein.


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