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Working for the Weekend?

Let's just put it like it is - I hate working for the weekend.  Passionately. 

I do not hate my job.  In fact, it's a very good job.  It is sad to think that I will only be working there for another three months before I must leave for the long ride.  Yet when it comes down to it, day after day I am working for the weekend. 

How often do you find yourself clawing your way through the day, or perhaps catch yourself zoning out, not enjoying the moment, not living the day to the fullest, but merely existing, merely getting through it because you need the paycheck? We none of us can deny we need the paycheck.  Yet what a sad way to live!

That's all understandable, but what about when that coveted weekend rolls around?  Or for that matter, each evening after work? And each morning before work? And each lunch break? 

Do you make full use of it to try something fun, learn something new, find out something about yourself? Do you use it to love more fully, live more fully, laugh more fully? Or do you just whittle it away and then call it a success if you spend two hours seeing the newest blockbuster? Not that movies aren't great, but real life is so much better than watching someone else's screen dreams.

I know I find myself falling into the time traps that surround me - and not just screen time, although that is a part of it.  Overcoming the excuses of "I'm tired from work" or "I just need to check my Feed for a moment" can be... no, it IS hard.

I am really looking forward to that aspect of my ride, where I will be unable to make such excuses.  Life in the saddle is raw, it is hard, and it is real.  There are few luxuries but plenty of joy of living.

So for now, I will continue to battle against the distractions and the excuses as I devote  myself to preparing for this journey.  And instead of working for the weekend, I will remember I am working for the Centauride.

What are you working for?

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