One woman. One horse. 48 states for Domestic Violence Awareness

Check back often for the latest updates and stories from Meredith and Apollo as they journey 10,000 miles on a four year ride around the USA.

The Right Stuff

Planning a 48 state horse trip is an immense logistical mess.  By the very nature of the journey, most of the plans are tentative and I will need to be flexible at all times. 

One aspect of planning that is not flexible is equipment.  Quality gear for Apollo and for myself can mean the difference between success and failure. 

Our gear must be durable, strong, weatherproof (or well packed), lightweight - or better - ultralight weight, compact, multi-purpose, multi-season, and essential for some aspect of life on the road.

It must withstand hard daily use, for months or even years if possible.  It must withstand more wear than a backpacking trip or a weekend campout or a year's worth of weekend trail rides.

We will need to carry gear for my own safety, comfort, hygiene, and shelter.  We will need to carry gear for Apollo's safety, comfort, hygiene, and to keep him from wandering off during the nights.  We will need to carry some electronics for documenting the journey and staying in touch with the world. We will need to carry some emergency supplies for both of us, a few days worth of human and horse food, and a little bit of water.

And it all must fit in a large set of saddle bags and weigh less than 70 lbs total.

I have just started equipping us, and in later posts I will discuss the most important pieces of equipment individually, including our saddle, bridle and horse shoes. 

Is there an item you can't travel without?  Share your favorites and recommendations!

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