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No More Apologies

I came to a startling self-realization a few days ago... even though this ride is for domestic violence awareness, and I truly am dedicated to that purpose, I still find myself acting apologetic about it, hesitant to discuss it lest I make someone uncomfortable. 

But if they are uncomfortable - if YOU are uncomfortable - that's a good thing! 

The discomfort of talking about domestic violence, both for those unfamiliar with it and for victims and survivors, is a big part of why it is sometimes called a "silent epidemic."  And because people don't talk about it, those who haven't experienced it do not realize how prevalent this issue is in our society.

Think about three women you know - sisters, aunts, cousins, friends.  Chances are that one of those women has or will become a victim of abuse during her life.  1 in 3! This is unacceptable.

Part of the problem of silence is that without dialog, the misconceptions about domestic violence will prevail.  Without talking, the warning signs of an abusive relationship will not be taught to our daughters.  Without talking, an average of 20 people every minute will continue to be physically abused - and even more will be emotionally and psychologically traumatized.

Abuse does not start nor end with a beating.  It starts with a word.  Too often, it ends a life. 

It is possible to end this cycle.  If you know or think you know someone in an abusive relationship, first of all be there for them, without pressure or judgment.  You cannot protect them, but you can support them with they need it.  If you know of someone you want to help, or if you need help yourself, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline

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