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Have Horse Will Travel podcast (S1E11): The food episode

Confession time: I travel to eat.  Sure, I have plenty of other good reasons for this ride, too.  Food tourism, though, is a daily pursuit when I’m on the road with Apollo.  In this episode, I share some of my favorite foods and food experiences from our travels, what Apollo likes for treats, and some surprising regional delights. Plus, Emily Davis, author of Damsel No More, talks about her inspiring story of healing from trauma with the help of horses.   
Listen weekly as Meredith and Apollo share about their multi-year 48-state journey, talk with interesting guests, and discuss the realities of domestic abuse.

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What to Listen For:

00:25 Introduction to the episode
00:57 Interview with Emily Davis
10:50 Traveling to eat
12:09 Snack bars
13:01 Donuts
16:30 Ice cream
18:40 New Mexican cuisine
20:32 Seattle-style biscuits and gravy
21:45 New York City, foodie heaven
23:00 My food hobby
23:59 Hot dish
24:32 Lefse
26:14 Fried okra
26:32 Elephant ears
27:02 Idaho-style snow cones
27:59 All-you-can-eat fundraisers reflect the region: crab, rocky mountain oysters, lutefisk, spaghetti
30:19 Where is Apollo when I’m eating these things?
32:28 Apollo’s favorite foods
33:04 Recipes
34:16 Closing statements
35:04 End of episode

About our Guest: Emily Davis

After leaving an abusive relationship, I spent three years reconnecting with my power through connecting with horses as a trail guide in the mountains of Lake Tahoe. It was also a huge step for me to reconnect with my intuitive gifts that were blocked by all the trauma of the abuse I suffered.  I spent many years learning how to clear my trauma, heal, and re-learn my magic and then documented part of that process in my book Damsel No More!
I now help people to discover their purpose through accessing their own magic! We all have intuitive gifts (think psychic, medium, tarot, etc) but they are often blocked by the icky parts of life. However, clearing the path to our gifts helps us to realize and live in our purpose in all aspects. Listeners can download a copy of my book Damsel No More for free on my website and ask a free intuitive guidance questions!

Emily's Podcast: Perceptionists Anonymous
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