One woman. One horse. 48 states for Domestic Violence Awareness

Check back often for the latest updates and stories from Meredith and Apollo as they journey 10,000 miles on a four year ride around the USA.

Have Horse Will Travel podcast (S1E1): Welcome to the adventure!

Welcome to Meredith and Apollo’s brand new podcast! Let’s get this adventure started with some introductions.  Where are we riding, and why? And what the heck is a Centauride?
Listen weekly as Meredith and Apollo share about their multi-year 48-state journey, talk with interesting guests, and discuss the realities of domestic abuse.

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What to Listen For:

00:25 Introduction to the episode
00:31 The 101 on Apollo and Meredith’s ride so far
02:07 What to expect from this podcast
03:12 What is a Centauride?
04:09 Where have we traveled and where are we going next?
05:03 Why we are doing the ride: domestic violence, my experience, and some FAQs about abuse
07:57 Guest Tammy Coates
14:37 How to get help if you’re in an abusive relationship
15:32 About Apollo’s breed and origin story
19:09 Apollo’s diva quirks
19:45 Apollo’s friends
21:25 Apollo’s favorite treats
22:00 FAQ: What’s with the bells?
23:30 FAQ: Where do we ride?
25:00 FAQ: How far do we go in a day, and what is our schedule?
25:50 FAQ: Where do we sleep at night?
26:48 FAQ: How you can help us find safe stops
27:56 FAQ: How fast do we travel, and what is a typical day’s ride like?
29:09 FAQ: How do we stay safe in traffic?
30:07 How to ask us your FAQs
30:55 Podcast launch giveaway challenge details
31:55 About the next three episodes
32:47 Thank you to our Kickstarter backers
33:06 Closing statements
33:30 End of episode

About our Guest:

Our mission at the Kammy Mae Foundation is to not only assist in the fight against Domestic Violence, but also to provide resources and support to those who find themselves in a similar situation. We are here for the Survivors, the Fallen, families, and anyone else affected by Domestic Violence.
Kammy Mae with her kids 


National Domestic Violence Hotline or call 1−800−799−7233  

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