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I Love New York!

Apollo and I have spent a month and a half making our way across the great state of New York, having entered in the southwest corner in mid-August and left it on the eastern side near Albany in late September. It is a beautiful state, with so much to see and do (and eat).  In fact, I think it is the most consistently beautiful state I’ve ridden through - by which I mean that, while just about every state has had some lovely spot, or several spots, I have found almost every part of New York to be pretty.

Here are my favorite photos from the journey across New York...

Entering the state at the smallest welcome sign so far.

My favorite through -the-ears photo of the whole ride.  This was taken in Bear Swamp State Forest, and the whole day’s ride was spectacular.

 Riding through Jamestown, the hometown of Lucille Ball and site of her museum.

I love this photo of Apollo and his tiny fan.

Riding along the Erie Canal - and the leaves are starting to turn for the fall!

 New York has an abundance of these tiny roadside farm stands, which mostly sold corn, squash, flowers, and/or maple syrup, but sometimes other veggies and honey.

My favorite library, in Cazenovia,  also has a museum of curiosities that includes an Egyptian mummy brought back to the town by a local resident in the 1920’s.

 Such a lovely picture.

 In New York’s finger lake wine region, Apollo and I were joined by these folks for a day of visiting wineries on horseback.  It was a fun change from our usual routine!

 At Fort Stanwix, an authentic reproduction of a historic precolonial fort that played a key part in the Revolutionary War.

 I just like this photo! Such picture perfect background, and of course a picture perfect horse too.

The best surprise along the road was stumbling upon the Glove Museum in tiny Dorloo.

 I think apple cider donuts are a local staple food at this time of year.  There are farm stands and orchards selling them all over the place! Apollo doesn’t usually like donuts, but on these he can agree - they’re delicious.

 Eastern NY is so filled with historic spots.  Here’s a building in Schenectady that George Washington visited.

 I had a wonderful stay at Bowman Orchard, which has been an orchard since apple trees were first planted here by Johnny Appleseed’s sister.  The Bowmans have owned it since the 1950s, and it is still a family business (and they also make excellent cider donuts).

Sunset over Babcock Lake, in eastern New York. 

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  1. Great pictures! You are doing an awesome job raising awareness! I admire you! All the best on your continued travels!May God bless you and keep you!❤


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