One woman. One horse. 48 states for Domestic Violence Awareness

Check back often for the latest updates and stories from Meredith and Apollo as they journey 10,000 miles on a four year ride around the USA.

What Meredith is Wearing

Although I am not nearly as fashionable as Apollo, my riding outfit also sometimes attracts notice for being rather unique to "normal" riding attire.  Most of what I wear is selected for comfort and compactness (for when I am not wearing those items of clothing).  It is a combination of English, Western, and endurance - as each riding discipline has useful and applicable design elements for the long ride. 

The photos below show my outfit with all layers on, as it was a cold wet day when they were taken. On warm sunny days I can wear just the base layer of Stickyseat pants and a tee-shirt, and add layers for warmth as needed.  The rain jacket and rain pants fit over the layers but under the half-chaps and vest.

The most unique and unusual part of my riding outfit is my vest.  It's a surveyor vest, with a multitude of pockets.  The bright colors make me highly visible on the road, and the sign on the back helps drivers get around me safely (since most people don't understand horses or how to drive around them without scaring them or putting horse and rider at unnecessary risk).  The pockets are filled with things I need the quickest access to: phone, knife, gloves, snacks, business cards, wallet, baling twine (so many uses, and always needed quickly!), flashlight, vet certificate, and gps.

A note about my spurs.  Spurs have a bad reputation in some circles, as they can be misused and some spurs are designed rather viciously.  My spurs are the "sidewinder" type.  They are gentle and humane (nearly impossible to hurt him with!), as well as ergonomic for myself to use (most spurs require you twist your leg to use them, these reduce that strain).  Basically, they provide a more firm command for a reluctant horse, as a safety tool - for example, if he balks at walking over something when we are crossing a busy road, I don't have time to slowly encourage him across.  Luckily, Apollo is rarely reluctant, and I have so far only touched his side lightly with my spurs once.  Most of the time, I just tell him with words what I want him to do!

photo credits: Melissa Fischbach

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