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Fun with Maps!

I am so excited to report that I've figured out how to use my maps live on the road! 

These maps took me two years to create.  They include everything.

The planned route itself, "virtually ridden" on street view to make sure it was the best road choice. 

The horse related businesses within 15 miles of the route, so I can contact them for referrals for vet and farrier as needed, resupply, and ask for places to stay overnight. 

Post offices within 5 miles of the route, so I can have supplies mailed to me if needed, and so I can send postcards to my crowdfunding backers.  This also indicates the presence of a town in rural locations, so I know where to go for food and other supplies.

Campgrounds and fairgrounds along the route that might allow us to stop for the night

Buddhist centers, to contact if needed when looking for hospitality.

State capitals and domestic violence centers, so I can fulfill that aspect of my goal.

Sightseeing on the route, because why not?

I also plan on using the wonderful Little Free Library system during the ride, but there are way too many of these to want or need to put them on my maps.  I can just use their website as needed.

After 14,000 miles worth of map building on Google Maps, I was feeling really prepared.  Until I realized that I didnt know if or how to make them "live" on my phone, so I could see the map with all the route and waypoint info AND where I was currently located.

It would not be convenient to use the maps without knowing for sure where I would be on them.  It would have worked well enough, mostly, if it came to that, but would not have been ideal.  If that had been the case, paper would have been about as good (and for all you realists, yes I know phone batteries die and signals are lost.  I will also have paper maps as back up).

But today I figured it out!  Now I can see my lovely maps on my phone, and it pinpoints my location on the same map.  Hooray!!!

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