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Apollo, what happened to your ear?!

Every super hero has an origin story that is shrouded in mystery… so does a super horse.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve probably noticed that one of Apollo’s ears is missing the tip, so its rounded like a teddy bear.  This definitely happened on the night he was born.  Yet the true events of the night are now unknown.

One of his previous owners said that he had been born on a bitter cold night, unattended by his mom’s humans, and suffered frostbite in that ear.

Another of his previous owners said that he had been septic when he was born, and his mom bit his ear tip off when trying to pull him to his feet just after birth.  His current vet says this is possible on account of something she observed when drugging him for his dental work, though he has not suffered any long term health issues from this.

But whether either of these are the reason, or something else, remains a mystery.  I’ve asked Apollo, but he hasn’t told me what happened. 

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