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Ice Cream Never Had It So Good

Farmer's market season is here again, and that means it's also time for fresh strawberries!  This week I tried out a recipe I cut out some time ago from I-don't-know-which magazine, but modified it for essential oils. 

I especially love this recipe because it is big on flavor but extra quick.  No cooking, no chopping.  Just hull the strawberries, drop them in your favorite blender or food processor with the other ingredients, blend and serve over ice cream. 

The result, as it was so aptly put by my taste tester, is "killer."

Strawberry Pomegranate Sauce

In a food processor, combine

1 pint-basket of ripe strawberries (about 3/4 lb, hulled)
2 Tbsp + 3/4 tsp agave nectar
1 1/2 Tbsp pomegranate molasses*
1 Tbsp lemon juice
2 drops lemon essential oil**

Blend until completely smooth. 

Serve over vanilla ice cream, or chocolate ice cream, or fro yo, or dairy free frozen goodness, or go wild and make a crazy banana split with several flavors, this sauce, caramel, whipped cream, and other assorted toppings.

Also great on yogurt, cottage cheese, mixed in a smoothie, or for kombucha brewing to flavor.

*Pomegranate molasses is sold in specialty food stores or in the "ethnic" section of some grocery stores.  It is made from pomegranate juice, it is NOT pomegranate-flavored molasses (so don't try to substitute regular molasses here, it's not even close to the same flavor).
**when using essential oils for recipes, always use pure grade oils that are labelled for internal use.  Never use the kind that says 'not for internal use' as these often contain synthetics, residual pesticides, and other bad-for-you stuff.  Contact me if you have questions or need help finding them.


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