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Bye-bye Bee Sting!

I had other plans for tonight's blog, but I had such an amazing essential oil experience this evening that I just have to share it.

I was beehive-sitting today, and had to do some maintenance work inside the hive.  Unfortunately, I did not have any protective gear available and could not put off the work until I could get it.  No problem, said I, I've worked with bees suit-less before! So away I went, and was as careful as I could bee (please excuse the pun, I couldn't help myself).

The bees were less than happy with my work, but only one took serious offense to me.  The result: a sting right on the tip of my chin. 

Well, I may not have had the right safety equipment to prevent this (rather painful) incident, but I did have my essential oils on hand!  Bee stings tend to last for several days, but I really didn't want to go to work tomorrow with a swollen red chin.  What a good opportunity for an experiment on myself! 

I've never used essential oils for stings before, although I have used them for painful spider bites and super itchy mosquito bites, among other injuries.  So after I carefully removed the stinger, I pulled out my trusty guide "Modern Essentials" and it said to use roman chamomile, wintergreen, and peppermint.

Unfortunately, I don't own any of those right now.  So I turned to my old stand-by frankincense, which has previously worked well for aforementioned spider bites.  A drop of this oil, applied "neat" (undiluted), and the very painful and burning sting area, and it became a tolerably mild warm throb.  Not perfect, but pretty darn close!

Then I remembered that my Deep Blue blend of oils contains all the oils that the book suggested, so I put on a drop of this (also neat).  Wonder of wonders, within seconds (literally!) the remainder of the pain and burning were completely gone.

I thought maybe it would come back, but several hours have gone by and not a sign of any symptoms returning yet.  I even pressed hard on the sting-mark itself (only visible by the broken skin) and it feels like normal. 

I am just so amazed by this... I've used essential oils for years and had other fantastic experiences before, but its the quick results for painful injuries like this that really serve as a reminder to me of why I love these oils so much. 

I should probably throw a disclaimer in here - I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice, this may not work for you, if you are stung and experience a severe reaction  you should seek medical help immediately, etc etc.  All good and true... but I for one will keep a bottle of these two oils with my bee supplies (and my bee supplies with me when I'm working the hives!) from now on.


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