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Greetings from Divorce-land! (glad you're not here)

Things have begun moving here in divorce-land (which is on the other side of the galaxy from the happiest place on Earth). 

The mediation (court ordered) is almost here.  It is extremely unlikely to be postponed anymore.  This is good, because it moves the whole thing closer to resolution.  While it is possible to fully resolve everything at mediation, this is unlikely in this case.  But it at least allows us to move forward to the final trial (already set for the end of this year), and the final trial will be FINAL, as far as the divorce is concerned.  (There is always a chance my evil ex will appeal, or file new suits, because he's like that.  But the main battle will be over, and hopefully settlement will include provisions to prevent his continued harassment).

The problem we're having with him right now is that he is suing me for random things, AND he convinced his father to also sue me repeatedly as well.  Until this point, they've not been able to legally serve me with any new lawsuits because they couldn't find me.  However, unfortunately, the pre-mediation court paperwork had to include my work address.  So now they can serve me at work, and have done so four times in 10 days.  While there is every reason to think that these will all be thrown out by the court, every time they do this it builds up the legal costs I am accumulating, and could potentially delay the divorce, which also would increase the legal costs.  I keep getting asked what I am being sued for, and the reason is simply that my evil ex is trying – and succeeding- to cost me as much as possible in legal expenses. 

The only solution that is legal and effective that anyone has been able to come up with (apart from accepting the higher costs, which I don't feel comfortable with) is for me to temporarily quit working.  If they see that I don't work there anymore, they will not be able to serve me anything else and everything can just proceed "normally."  Financially, the cost of lost income plus living expenses while unemployed will be less than the probable cost of extra legal expenses if I keep working and getting sued.  While this solution made my stomach turn, I spent quite a while talking it through with my lawyer, and it does make sense.  Absolutely stomach-turning, gray-hair-causing, logical sense.

In the meantime, I am planning to travel with a working-tourism program, so that I can keep my costs down as much as possible in my period of unemployment.  (Basically how it works is that I would work on various farms in exchange for room and board.  I would only be responsible for my travel costs, which would be cheaper than the costs of my current living situation).  Once the trial is done and thus no more paperwork with my addresses on it would be required by the court, I can get a regular job without having to worry about future lawsuits.

The silver lining is that I get to travel, see new things, learn from other farmers, and hopefully have the opportunity to relax before trial.  Where I will travel is up in the air for now, and might be top secret once I decide.  However, it will be far, far away, probably on the other side of the world.  Just let him try having me served in another country!

As far as the Centauride goes, it will be further delayed by this mess that is called divorce.  But I’m not giving up – on that, or on anything else that matters!   

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